Thursday, August 26, 2010

FOR THE NOOBS (props to

Free Adsense Clicks:
1. Go to one of these list sites:

2. Go to your blogger dashboard.
3. Near the bottom, there's a panel called "Reading list." Click add.
4. Enter the blog urls from the list above (this is much faster than "following" each one.)
5. Go back to the list and open each blog (Protip: If you click you mouse wheel, each opens in a new tab)
6. On the first one, be sure to click your own little profile square to add an "image" and "link" (makes it easier for everyone).
7. Click an ad and close the page. The more blogs you click the more clicks you get in return.
8. Do it again tomorrow, or every other day..
9. Add your blog to the comments section of the lists above.
10. Update you own blog every once in a while, nothing that'll send up a red flag to Google.

Remember, only link to one site with your ads on it. You want unique clicks, not duplicates. On the first day, I got 20 honest clicks, or ~$10. You can boost this number up with SEO (google it). Basically, you pick a nice keyword and spam it all over your blog (Put it in the url, title, posts, tags, meta, image titles, alt-text to the images, and content. If necessary, steal content from other blogs). Generate Adsense code targeted to this keyword. Adsense pays out every 10$

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